Rocket Science Impressum

Per German law I am required to disclose contact information of the person responsible for the published content in case of any legal issues.

Contact info

If you wish to contact me for regular business purposes use If you want to ask questions please do so on Discord (preferred), in YouTube comments, on Twitter. I don't promise to answer questions unless you're a patron. Discord is your best bet to also have many questions answered by other players.

Legal contact

Timo Hoth

This is the best and fastest way to reach me in case of any legal issues. For other purposes, please refer to the information above.

Timo Hoth
c/o Grosch Postflex #847
Emstdettener Str. 10
48268 Greven
USt-ID-Nr.: DE321309948

Do not use this address for non-legal purposes. Do not attempt to send packages, they will not be received.

Phone: +49 251 93264003
Written contact preferred.

Responsible for the following content:

Rocket Science on YouTube
@HalfwayDeadRL on Twitter
HalfwayDead#9946 on Discord
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